Elisa Tedona, GC'17, contributes to report on making the AP program more equitable

June 1, 2021

Elisa Tedona, GC’17, is among a team of authors in the Metropolitan Educational Research Consortium (MERC) who published a report seeking to make the Advanced Placement (AP) program more equitable.

The report, titled Analyzing Advanced Placement (AP): Making the Nation’s Most Prominent College Preparatory Program More Equitable, explores research related to Advanced Placement (AP) courses through an equity lens.

The report answers five questions:

  1. What are AP classes?
  2. Who enrolls and succeeds in AP classes?
  3. Why do disparities in AP matter?
  4. What factors contribute to disparities in AP participation and performance?
  5. What policies and practices help to address disparities in AP access, enrollment, and performance?

The report comes from the MERC Equitable Access and Support for Advanced Coursework study.

Tedona earned an M.Ed. in Educational Leadershio & Policy Studies through SPCS in 2017.