October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month and the same guidelines provided to University of Richmond students also benefit the community.

Anyone using a computer should not:

  • Use computing or network resources to harass, threaten or otherwise cause harm to others.
  • Use computing resources for commercial purposes not related to their intended use (in other words, don’t use your school or work computer for personal business)
  • Use IT systems to distribute, produce, publish and/or sell obscene or illegal content.

“The weakest points of any computer network are the users that are using it,” University Security Administrator Anthony Head said. “Users need to be aware of everything that they do or click on.”

He recommends a few ways to be a responsible cybercitizen:

  • Keep emails professional.
  • Avoid illegally downloading and sharing files.
  • Safeguard information and resources entrusted to you.

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