The University of Richmond will be hosting the seventh annual Today’s College Man (TCM) Workshop on Oct. 12.

TCM is a one-day workshop designed to bring together student development professionals, faculty and educators to discuss ways to help men succeed in and beyond the college environment. Each year’s workshop features leading scholars, practitioners and researchers in the growing field of men’s gender development. They encourage participants to help shape society’s perceptions of them and explore how college men can make meaning in their world.

“The workshop provides a space for educators to discuss issues that may inhibit young men’s success in college and offer new ways of engaging them,” said Joe Boehman, dean of Richmond College and TCM organizer. “Our primary goal is to start the conversation about masculinities on campus to promote dialogue with a positive and authentic image.”

Julianne Guillard, a visiting lecturer in Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies, spoke at last year’s workshop. “I participated in the conference because I value and can learn from the experiences of colleagues who work with a male student population,” Guillard said. “As a feminist scholar, it’s important to me that the construction of masculinities and the broad-reaching effects of them are not lost in our conversations of gender.”

“Everyone who attends the conference can add something uniquely valuable to the conversation,” she added.

For more information, visit the University of Richmond website.

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