The University of Richmond’s Jepson School of Leadership Studies has convened an Executive Board of Advisors (EBA) to open new doors for networking and outreach for the Jepson School, the first undergraduate school of leadership studies in the nation.

Comprised of senior level leaders and decision makers, the EBA reflects the Jepson School’s diversity. Members include internationally and nationally renowned leadership scholars and practitioners from business, non-profits, the public sector and higher education. The EBA will create connections to ethical leaders in these settings.

“Since its inception, the Jepson School has been at the forefront of developing the contextual framework for leadership. Leadership is about the setting in which one leads, whether that’s business, politics, non-profits or the family,” Jepson School Dean Sandra J. Peart said. “As we approach the school’s 25th anniversary, I look forward to partnering with the EBA to enhance this work.”

Debra Campbell, partner and chief operating officer of Hudson River Group, will serve as the board’s inaugural chair. Campbell has more than 35 years of experience advising large consumer companies in business development, marketing strategy and implementation. Her son is a 2015 graduate of the Jepson School.

Other EBA members include:

  • Kimberly Bowers, director of development for George Washington University Columbian College of Arts and Sciences. Bowers graduated from Richmond in 2005.
  • Arthur S. Brown, consultant for the global consumer practice firm Spencer Stuart. Brown graduated from Richmond in 1981 and is a parent to two UR grads from 2010 and 2012.
  • David Cramer, head of U.S. financial institution sales for Visa. Cramer has two children who graduated from Richmond in 2011 and 2014.
  • Maurice Henderson, assistant director, Portland Bureau of Transportation. Henderson is a 1997 alum.
  • Gill Hickman, professor emerita, University of Richmond
  • Alison Smith Mangiero, senior director, Manhattan Institute’s Adam Smith Society. Mangiero graduated from UR in 2005.
  • Bonnie Marcus, president, Women’s Success Coaching.
  • Thomas Matthews, former president and CEO of wealth management for Smith Barney.
  • Leonidas Montes, Adam Smith Professor, Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez.
  • Richard L. Morrill, chancellor and Distinguished University Professor of Ethics and Democratic Values, University of Richmond.
  • Dennis Whittle, director and co-founder of Feedback Labs.

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