Arjun Jaini, of West Chester, Pennsylvania, was awarded the prestigious Barry Goldwater Scholarship for his research at the University of Richmond. Jaini, a junior, is majoring in chemistry.

Under the guidance of UR chemistry professors Carol Parish and Michael Leopold, Jaini’s current research project is to develop and test a new sensor that can detect explosives that are currently undetectable.

After graduation, Jaini plans to pursue a Ph.D. in chemistry or chemical engineering and wants to work on pressing problems such as clean food, water and energy.

“I want the chemistry that I work on to make the world a better place,” Jaini said.

The Barry Goldwater Scholarship, created in honor of the late Arizona senator, is awarded to undergraduate students with excellent academic records to encourage the pursuit of careers in mathematics, natural sciences and engineering.

“Being part of the scholar network is an extremely exciting opportunity,” Jaini said.

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