Rachel RodneyGraduation season is upon us, and thousands of college graduates will enter the job market this summer. University of Richmond Assistant Director of Career Services and Career Advisor Rachel Rodney offers the following insight to potential employers who are looking to attract new talent to their organizations:

Recruit Locally
Many new grads are hoping to land an opportunity in a big, bustling metro area, but they want to be in one that is not too far from home. 

Promote Projects of Purpose
Seventy percent of new graduates agreed with the statement "it's more important for me to feel fulfilled at work than to earn a lot of money." New grads want to be a part of a bigger project with outcomes and problem solve creatively.

Protect Your Brand
Soon to be grads are looking to work for brands that they know, but 55 percent of students say they wouldn't work for an employer with a “bad image” even if the salary was high. 

Socially Responsible Missions Matter
Today’s graduates are concerned about the impact and mission of the work they are contributing to on a day-to-day basis. “We often hear students beginning their job search say they want to work with people or help people in some capacity,” says Rodney.

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Assistant Director/Career Advisor
Areas of Focus: Science, Technology, Healthcare, Education, and Non-Profit