UR Professor Wins National Award for Theatre Research

December 17, 2019

UNIVERSITY OF RICHMOND — Patricia Herrera, associate professor of theatre, has won the 2019 Collaborative Research Award from the American Society for Theatre Research, a national professional organization that fosters scholarship on theatre and performance.

HerreraThe American Society for Theatre Research’s Collaborative Research Award was established to foster research in subject areas underrepresented in U.S. theatre scholarship, education, and performance practice. 

Herrera, along with colleagues from University of Maryland and University of Texas Rio Grande, received the 2019 award, for their collaborative efforts on a forthcoming public symposium “Revolutions in Sound.”

“Revolutions in Sound” will bring together scholars from the U.S. and Canada to examine how minority communities use and create sound as a tactic of survival, resistance, and radical world-making. The symposium is Feb. 28-29, 2020 at the University of Maryland.

“Bodies and power in performance produce meanings for sound,” said Herrera. “This symposium will draw faculty interested in the intersections of sound, race, and performance and will offer new strategies for listening to difference today, and sounding out revolution.”

The symposium will support the development of academic work that will be featured in the November 2020 special issue of the journal Performance Matters, which Herrera will co-edit.