University of Richmond Highlights Beekeeping Program with Special Luncheon Featuring Honey from Campus Hives

January 17, 2020

UNIVERSITY OF RICHMOND — The Heilman Dining Center at the University of Richmond will be abuzz next Tuesday during lunch hours. A special luncheon will feature menu items made with one key ingredient — honey harvested only a short campus walk from where the meals will be served.   

The “Live Well, Dine Green” event is Jan. 22 from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. The idea for the lunch developed after Biology Laboratories Manager Kirstin Berben and Director of Catering Joe Wolff extracted honey from the campus beehives last May.

“A bee must fly the equivalent of one orbit around the earth and it takes about two million flowers to collect enough nectar for one pound of honey,” said Wolff. “We have collected about 13 pounds!” 

Menu-items for the luncheon include sbiten, a traditional Russian honey-based beverage, a winter salad with honey vinaigrette, hot honey glazed salmon, and a nut free baklava for dessert.

“What’s exciting to me is the honey will have flavors from the blooms and clover on this campus,” said UR Executive Chef Tyler Betzhold. “We paired items that should really bring out the flavor of the honey to make sure it is the highlight.” 

The University of Richmond installed two honeybee hives on campus as a sustainable and educational response to bee populations’ global decline in 2017. They provide faculty and students with hands on research opportunities

The honey also has health benefits says University Dietician Karen Hensley.

“Studies have suggested that honey can act as a cough suppressant in people with an upper respiratory infection and a nighttime cough, help relieve gastrointestinal tract conditions, and it has natural antibacterial properties that has been shown to promote wound healing,” said Hensley. 


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