UR Professor Receives Funding for Book Project Focusing on Cooperatives, an Often Overlooked Area of Global History

March 2, 2020

Sackley-inlineUNIVERSITY OF RICHMOND — Nicole Sackley, associate professor of history and American Studies at the University of Richmond, has received grant funding to advance her new book, which explores cooperatives in the United States.

Sackley will explore how Americans have understood, contested, and attempted to influence their economic systems, as well as how American capitalism has been reshaped by cooperatives.

“This project reveals an important but unknown history of Americans who debated the nature of U.S. corporate capitalism and furthered their development dreams through cooperative ventures,” said Sackley.

The $2,000 grant from the Friends of University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries will offset Sackley’s expenses to travel to Madison, Wisconsin to visit archival and library collections for her book project, Co-op Capitalism: Cooperatives, International Development, and American Visions of Capitalism in the Twentieth Century.

"To date, I’ve been to more than half a dozen archives for this research,” said Sackley. “Historically, the Midwest dominated the U.S. cooperative movement, so access to archival collections in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Missouri are essential for completing this research.”