UR Dining Receives National Award for International Dinner

July 28, 2021

UNIVERSITY OF RICHMOND — The University of Richmond’s Dining Services Program has been recognized by the National Association of College & University Food Services with a Loyal E. Horton dining award, one of the highest recognitions for college and university culinary arts.

University Dining received a Silver Award in the category of “Residential Dining – Special Event,” which highlights a unique event taking place outside of a typical dining program. UR Dining won the award for an international dinner celebrating Asia, held November 13, 2019. This annual event represents a collaboration between dining services, international studies, and multicultural affairs.

International students from the selected region were involved in the menu planning. For this event, 12 students shared their expertise and family favorite recipes representing Japan, Thailand, South Korea, Vietnam, India, Myanmar, China, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Pakistan, Malaysia, and Taiwan.

Menu options included kabocha squash, yam balls and grass jelly, Thai tea ice cream. Students with various dietary and allergy needs were also able to enjoy many menu items.

“Taste, variety, and authenticity were driving forces behind menu design, theme development, and production,” said Terry Baker, executive director of dining services.

More than 50 colleges competed for various awards.

“It speaks to the quality of our program that we can compete nationally with other universities,” Baker said. “It also builds a sense of pride and team spirit among our dining staff and across campus.”