New Exhibition Celebrates History of Transportation in Richmond

'Through It All: Families Moving Richmond' Pays Tribute to GRTC Employees and Families
December 2, 2021

UNIVERSITY OF RICHMOND — “Through It All: Families Moving Richmond,” a new online exhibition featuring photographs by Tania del Carmen, is now live. University of Richmond students collected oral histories for the digital showcase, which expands on a newly installed permanent display at the GRTC’s Transit Museum celebrating GRTC employees and their families.

Students in American Studies professor Laura Browder’s and theatre professor Patricia Herrera’s “Public Transportation in The Time of Two Pandemics” course collected the oral histories from GRTC operators, mechanics, and relatives as part of an ongoing, grant-supported project to highlight the importance of public transportation not only in Richmond but across the nation.

“These stories reflect resilience, strength, work ethic, and many more qualities that have moved the company through pivotal social change through the decades, and the class has worked throughout the semester to amplify their voices,” said Browder.

“In this class, I have learned how truly connected each member of the GRTC is to the other,” said Grace Morocho, a junior American Studies major. “The way they impact their Richmond community is invaluable, and even through unprecedented times such as the pandemic, the company has worked to ensure the GRTC experience remains the same.” 

“Many employees pass through the exhibit hallway going to or from their shifts, and these inspiring stories and familiar faces are a most welcome boost during daily operations,” said GRTC CEO Julie Timm. “Every GRTC family member leaves a legacy for future employees to inherit. The strength of GRTC has always been its people and their commitment to serving riders and each other.”  

You can view the exhibition at

The Transit Museum at GRTC Transit System is located at 301 E. Belt Boulevard. To schedule a time to visit the in-person exhibition, please contact Ashley Mason at

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