University of Richmond Ranked as a Leading School for International Education; Earns High Marks for Study Abroad

January 12, 2023

UNIVERSITY OF RICHMOND — Claiming two top five spots, the University of Richmond was ranked high among baccalaureate colleges for international students and the number of students studying abroad, according to the latest “Open Doors Report” by the Institute of International Education.

Richmond ranked #5 overall and #2 for short-term duration study abroad programs, the first time UR has received recognition for short-term programming. These numbers reflect the 2020-21 academic year at the height of the pandemic’s impact on global mobility. Forty-five students participated in study abroad programming.

Short-term abroad programs typically last from one to three weeks, are connected to a class, and take place during one of the breaks during the academic year. These short-term programs provide real-world illustrations of points made in class and provide additional opportunities to study abroad outside of the full semester or year options.

The University of Richmond also earned high marks for international students. For 2021-22, UR ranked 12th for total number of international students. UR students call more than 75 countries home. 

“UR remaining nationally ranked for study abroad during the pandemic reflects the hard work of our intrepid students and the international education team,” said Martha Merritt, dean of international education. “We also developed options for 54 international students who were unable to travel to Richmond so that they could study in their own country, as well as maintain contact with UR faculty and staff during this difficult period.”

The University recently received a national award for widening access to international education through its EnCompass program, which eliminates barriers to study abroad, including providing financial support.