Media Tip Sheet: University of Richmond Faculty Experts Available to Provide Insight on Voting in the 2020 Election

September 11, 2020

UNIVERSITY OF RICHMOND —  As you continue your coverage of the 2020 Election, consider these University of Richmond faculty experts.

Henry L. Chambers Jr. on Voting Rights
Law professor Henry L. Chambers Jr. can discuss a variety of areas related to the laws surrounding voting. He has written about voter ID laws, how local poll workers interpret the law, and about technological changes and voting rights. 

Ernest McGowen on Voter Behavior
Associate professor of Political Science Ernest McGowen can discuss campaigns, elections, and voter behavior. Specifically, McGowen can discuss how race, age, and area codes are factors in voting behavior. 

Doug Szajda on Voting Security
Computer science professor Doug Szajda is an expert in computer and systems security and computer networks. Szajda can discuss electronic voting machines and their security. 

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