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University of Richmond Election Experts

University of Richmond has scholars who can share a variety of political expertise as you cover the upcoming election season. 

Chinese Politics

Dan Chan headshot

Dan Chen, assistant professor of political science, examines the role of media in China's politics.

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Hispanic Voters

Margaret Dorsey headshot

Margaret Dorsey, an anthropologist, has researched citizenship at the border and how political candidates market to Hispanic voters.

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Political Rhetoric

Linda Hobgood headshot

Linda Hobgood, director of the Speech Center and professor of rhetoric and communications studies, studies public speaking, speech writing, and political rhetoric.

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Campaigns & Pop Music

Joanna Love headshot

Joanna Love, assistant professor of music, researches how music is used to garner support during political campaigns.

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Healthcare Policy

Rick Mayes headshot

Rick Mayes, professor of public policy, can speak to candidates' campaign proposals regarding healthcare policy

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Voter Behavior

Ernest McGowen headshot

Ernest McGowen, associate professor of political science, can discuss campaigns and elections, voter behavior, especially in regards to race, ethnicity, and age. 

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Congress & Budget Policy

Dan Palazzolo headshot

Dan Palazzolo, a political scientist, studies bipartisanship across party lines and coalition building in Congress.


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Campaign Messaging

Crystal Hoyt headshot

Crystal Hoyt, professor of leadership studies and psychology, studies how campaign messaging around social class can influence to prejudice. 

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Charismatic Candidates

Jess Flanigan headshot

Jessica Flanigan, leadership studies and philosophy, politics, economics, and law professor, can speak to why voters should be wary of charismatic candidates.