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The University of Richmond Media and Public Relations team works with national and local reporters to advance the recognition and academic reputation of the University of Richmond. By connecting UR experts with reporters we aim to add perspective to the news of the day. 

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Featured Experts: The 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing

  • Astrophysics Jack Singal, physics professor who worked at NASA, can discuss the legacy of the Moon Landing and all we have learned about the moon since then.
  • Heroic Leadership Scott Allison, a psychology professor, can discuss the influence and inspiration of astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin.
  • Hidden Figures Della Dumbaugh, professor of mathematics, can speak about Hidden Figures, which focuses on the African-American women who contributed to the space program.
  • The Space Race Joe Essid, an English professor and Writing Center director, explores the Moon Landing through the lenses of fiction, journalism, documentary, and dramatic film.
  • Rocketry Jerry Gilfoyle, a physics professor, has worked on policy touching on rocketry with regards to nuclear arms proliferation and the associated missile technology.

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