University of Richmond Faculty with Expertise on Asia

University of Richmond Faculty with Expertise on Asia

November 11-15, 2019 was International Education Week, and the University of Richmond spotlighted East Asia during its cross-campus celebration. This event provided an opportunity to showcase the expansive range of expertise UR faculty can offer media on this region of the world’s largest continent.
Jory Brinkerhoff

Parasite Research

Biology professor Jory Brinkerhoff has studied a type of parasite found on monkeys in Japan.

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Jessica Chan

Chinese Cinema

Jessica Chan, associate professor of Chinese Studies, is an expert on East Asian Cinema.

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Dan Chen

Chinese Politics

Dan Chen, assistant professor of political science, examines the role of media in China's politics.

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Monti Datta

U.S. Perceptions in Asia

Monti Datta, associate professor of political science, studies global perceptions of the United States. He can speak to reputation the U.S. holds in Asian countries.

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Gensong Gao

Chinese Culture

Gengsong Gao, assistant professor of Chinese Studies, explores modern and contemporary chinese literature.

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Tze Loo

History of Japan

Tze Loo, associate professor of history and international studies, can discuss the history of Japan.

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Dan Pierce

Teaching Science to Monks

Dan Pierce, assistant professor of biology, can discuss his experiences teaching science to Tibetan Monks

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Bob Spires

NGOs & Social Healing

Bob Spires, assistant professor of education, researches NGOs in Thailand, Hong Kong, and Cambodia.

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Jonathon Wight

Economic Development

Jonathan Wight, professor of economics, can discuss economic development in Asia.

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