When Chris Dolci, ’12, interviewed for a job last spring with JPMorgan Chase, he knew he needed to explain how his degree in leadership studies would help him excel within the company.

“I didn’t have a résumé with three financial firms and an economics degree on it,” says Dolci, a history minor. “I caught their eye because I was diverse.” 

He was able to “effectively communicate what the leadership studies school, my work experience and extracurricular activities taught me, and why I would be helpful to them.”

He explained leadership studies as a degree that taught him how to think critically, communicate effectively and be able to adapt to and ethically drive change – skills that are especially important when a company or organization is in the midst of a challenging period.  

He chose the major because of an introductory-level course, Leadership and the Humanities. He decided to combine that with a minor in history “because of my passion to dive into the heads of past leaders and learn not only what they did during times of peace and crisis, but also why they made their decisions,” he says.

“I was able to learn the leadership styles of many great leaders including presidents, war commanders and religious leaders, as well as common citizens.”

He initially thought he wanted to work in the corporate sports world. Two internships – one of which was required for his major – helped him figure out that he wanted to expand his job search.

JPMorgan piqued his interest. He will be working in the wealth management sector of the company.

With the recent struggles of the company, he knows it will be a challenge, but he is ready to face the challenge head-on.

“Losing what they have lost creates a challenge for the company and all of its employees,” says Dolci. But leadership studies has taught him not to shy away from challenges, and that we must face our mistakes is something he has heard his whole life, he says.

Dolci hopes his job will help others realize that there are alternatives to taking the traditional career path to land a job like his. “My path has been different, but my journey has been exciting, rewarding and filled with passion.”