Behind the Scenes at UR

Behind the Scenes at UR

September 1, 2012
Osher at the Heilman Dining Center

By Karen Beasley (Photo by Tim Hanger)

Each semester, Osher provides its members with some eating and meeting opportunities, formally called the Osher Breakfast and Dinner Socials, which are held in the Heilman Dining Center. These offer a great opportunity to meet other Osher folks, some of whom are new to Osher and others who have a wealth of Osher/University of Richmond experiences to share. It is also an opportunity to experience the modern college cafeteria, which is definitely not the cafeteria of your college days! And if you are “better” than 50, you get the senior discount.

I attended the Breakfast Social in the spring semester and the Dinner Social in the summer. Both of these events provided unexpected entertainment thanks to unusual timing and mother nature. Jane had warned us as we came in to the breakfast that there would be a tornado drill on campus sometime that day. Sure enough, the alarms went off and we all had to walk quickly and orderly into the kitchen. After the Summer Dinner Social, we went out in front of the Gottwald Center and had an opportunity to look through a telescope at Venus Rising.

Not only did the tornado drill give us a great behind-the-scenes look at the amazing Heilman Dining kitchen, but while we waited, the dining staff told us about “Spiders in the Kitchen,”  another opportunity at UR to have a delicious meal on campus. This one comes with a themed menu, served with real table linens. During these special meals the Heilman Dining Center crew come out to explain the menu, give you cooking tips and even pass out recipes. This event happens monthly during the school year. Reservations are required. See the Osher schedule for more information.