*One of a collection of stories written by alumni for the Jepson School's 20th Anniversary

Jepson was the key academic experience for me. Since graduation, I have attended the University of Notre Dame Law School and joined the U.S. Army Judge Advocate General's Corps. As an Army officer and trial attorney, I use my Jepson education on a daily basis.

Thanks to Jepson's commitment to a holistic education, I am prepared to handle the complexities of my job - even when I am still learning the technical skills required. In the courtroom, I rely heavily on the knowledge I acquired in classes like Group Dynamics to make me a better trial attorney. Likewise, the written and spoken persuasion skills I gained in Ethics, Critical Thinking and many other Jepson courses have made me a more effective advocate.

Beyond the classroom, Jepson also encouraged and affirmed my desire to work in public service. As a law student, I felt the temptation of "big firm" law jobs. By this time in my life, however, my experiences in Jepson had already nourished and cemented my desire to serve and gave me the confidence to lead an adventuresome life.

--Ethan McWilliams