Danielle Stokes, '13

Danielle Stokes, '13

May 24, 2013
Where Are You Heading? Class of 2013

What was your most valuable experience while at University of Richmond?
My most valuable experience at the University of Richmond was participating in a  community based learning course because I had the opportunity to actually apply what I learned in class in a real world setting. 

What is your next step after graduation and what led to this opportunity?
I will be attending the UVA School of Law in the fall. Much of the preparation that I received in class, support of my professors, self-discipline, and determination led to this opportunity and I must say that it was well worth it.  

What do you wish you knew earlier, while at UR?
I wish I had known that grades are not everything and that I should have more fun...it's college and it's all about balance. I finally started to realize that late last year.  

What is one piece of advice for current students?
Take advantage of all of the opportunities afforded to you at Richmond, but explore the city. Take time to see all the history that the city of Richmond has to offer, the neighborhoods, museums, restaurants, etc.  

What do you most look forward to in your life post-UR?
I look forward to leaving my mark on the world. I know that the education that I received at UR and legal training that I will receive from Virginia will give me the tools necessary to have a profound, positive impact