What was your most valuable experience while at University of Richmond?
It is hard to name only one valuable experience that I have had during my time at University of Richmond. However, I would have to say that the my involvement in student organizations was my most valuable experience. I learned countless lessons about working with others and managing time in order to effectively lead groups. The skills that I learned through this involvement will carry with me for the rest of my life and highly benefit me in the job world.  

What is your next step after graduation and what led to this opportunity?
I will be teaching elementary special education in New Orleans, Louisiana through Teach for America. I will be working in a brand new charter school and witnessing education reform first-hand. For one of my leadership studies classes I volunteered in the Church Hill area of Richmond at an after school mentoring/tutoring program. It was during that time that I really learned the educational discrepencies that children in low-income areas face. Around that same time, I began to learn more about Teach for America through the Office of Alumni and Career Services, and I soon knew this was the path that I wanted to pursue.

What do you wish you knew earlier, while at UR?
I wish that I knew how fast the four years would fly by and how important it was to get out and see the city that surrounds campus. As I am getting ready to graduate, I pass all of these restaurants and landmarks and regret not taking the time to explore this great city. I wish I had spent a little less time doing the same routine over and over again and spent a little more time getting to know the area around me.

What is one piece of advice for current students?
Enjoy your time here and do not stress out too much. These four years completely fly by, and before you know it, graduation will be here. Do not spend all of your time hidden in the library. Figure out your most effective time management strategies so that you can have the opportunity to actually relax and enjoy the wonderful friendships that you have made.

What do you most look forward to in your life post-UR?
I am looking forward to getting involved in new opportunities. I will be moving back to my hometown of New Orleans, and I am excited to explore the city and get involved in a way that I was unable to do when I was so busy in high school. I also really look forward to coming back to visit UR!