On April 8, the School of Arts and Sciences announced the winners of the David C. Evans Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Scholarship at its annual Honors Convocation.
Associate Dean Vincent Wang presented the awards. Dean Kathleen Roberts Skerrett, history professor and University President Edward Ayers, and Katelyn Lawrenz, '14, made remarks at the event.
Lawrenz was awarded the David Evans Award for Outstanding Achievement in Scholarship. She is an honors political science major with a focus on international relations. Lawrenz presented two co-authored papers at the Midwest Political Science Association Meetings and the numerous research projects that she has completed while attending UR reflect her seemingly endless curiosity and outstanding writing accomplishments. Lawrenz’s scholarly work has not only helped her receive numerous scholarships, including the Harry S. Truman Scholarship, but it has also helped her get accepted to a number of prestigious graduate schools; she will attend Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service in the fall.
Marina Tawfik, ‘14, was also recognized with the David Evans Award for Outstanding Achievement in Scholarship. Tawfik is a chemistry major and Presidential Scholar. She has co-authored peer-reviewed publications in two of the top international journals in physical chemistry. She also received the Best Undergraduate Oral Presentation award after giving a talk in Raleigh, NC at the South Eastern Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society.
The David C. Evans Awards are named for former history professor and associate dean of Arts and Sciences David Evans, whose contributions to the University included expanding opportunities and supporting independent student scholarship and creative activity.