At a place like Richmond, it’s hard to find only a few good men and women.

Every year Human Resources gets countless nominations from supervisors and fellow colleagues with example after example of why their colleagues should be recognized with an outstanding service award. This year was no different, making the selection process harder than ever for our volunteers on the four selection committees.

Here are some of the highlights from this year’s recipients:

After reading what each of her nominators had to say, it’s no surprise that Tykisha Booker, banquet captain for Catering, took home the outstanding service award for Dining Services. As one of her nominators stated, “Ms. Booker has become a recognizable trademark of UR hospitality”, even making sure that a frequent guest always has his Diet Coke waiting for him at his table. “It is obvious that Ms. Booker takes pride in her work. We take pride in her work, as well.”

Then, the audience was thrilled with the announcement of award winner, Andre Christian in the Service/Maintenance category. As one nominator stated, “Universities require leaders that are capable of working in concert with others and being able to inspire and contribute without being dominating. Andre Christian is one of those leaders.”  As team leader, Andre Christian has made a mark on University Facilities by taking care of the University’s most valuable asset — the students.

Michelle Hamm, chair of the chemistry department, presented the outstanding service award in the Clerical category to her department’s administrative coordinator, Mandy Mallory. As one nominator stated, “Mandy makes all of us look better than we are. She is not eager for the spotlight, but rather takes pride in the accomplishments of those around her.”

And finally, with the cutest award presentation including a voiceover of his young nephew, Steve Wilborn, senior associate director of Admission, received the outstanding service award in the Administrative category. “As a senior manager in the Office of Admission, Steve is quick to volunteer for projects despite his heavy workload and managerial duties…Steve is the glue that holds together the various pieces of the Admission Office.”

Both President Ayers and Carl Sorensen, associate vice president for human resources, said how much of a highlight this ceremony is each year when they get the opportunity to help recognize UR’s hard working and dedicated staff. Whether an employee has been at the University for five years or a whopping 35 years, the work being done each day plays a huge role in the success of the institution.