Written by Sheryl De Leo, photo by Tim Hanger

The Osher Leadership Council, drawn from Osher members, provides advice and information to the director of the Osher Institute. This group also facilitates the efforts of the council’s various subject teams, including development, curriculum, marketing, newsletter, membership, and class leaders support. Our Leadership Council has nine members, each of whom has been selected to serve a three-year term. The chair, vice chair, and past chair (an ex officio member) serve a one-year term. 

The council is an advisory body, while the Osher director and the School of Professional and Continuing Studies set policy. The entire council meets quarterly throughout the calendar year. In 2013, the council realized the need for an executive committee (Osher director, chair, vice chair, and past chair) to address issues arising between regularly scheduled meetings of the full body.

The council seeks to ensure that the chairs of our Osher support teams have a place at the council table to better provide a smooth flow of information among the teams, the council, and the director. In addition, council members continue to serve on various support teams. 

Each fall, council members are asked to submit the names of potential new council members to the nominating committee. From that list comes a roster of nominees for the positions of chair, vice chair, and former chair. The full council selects the new members. The Osher director, chair, vice chair, and past chair provide an orientation for new Leadership Council members at the beginning of each calendar year to acquaint them with the functioning of the council.

The following Osher members are serving on the 2014 Leadership Council:

  • Sheryl De Leo, chair
  • George Pangburn, vice chair
  • Ann Williams, past chair, ex officio
  • Bill Bateman
  • Lin Koch
  • Bill Bailey
  • Jamie Lou Hawthorne
  • Anne Huffstetler
  • David Owens
  • Landon Woody 

Should you have questions, concerns, and/or suggestions, please feel free to approach any member of the Leadership Council. We serve the Osher Institute and value your thoughts on how we can improve the program.

The 2014 Osher Leadership Council had the pleasure of welcoming our new director, Ms. Peggy Watson, who began her tenure on April 7. We look forward to working with her and sharing our Osher institutional memory with her.