Written by Mike Koch

I met the new Osher Director Peggy Watson in her first week on the job. She said coming to University of Richmond is like coming home again, because she’s a graduate of Westhampton College. After working with a Virginia Department of Education grant for more than 30 years, she is excited about working at the university as the new Osher director.

One of her first tasks was to attend the National Osher Leadership Conference at the end of April in San Diego. As part of that conference, Peggy met with other Osher directors from around the country and attended a two-session workshop on administering an Osher program. This workshop provided an opportunity for new or almost new program administrators to share experiences and learn together. Peggy attended the conference along with George Pangburn, vice-chair of the Osher Leadership Council.

Peggy is active in professional and church organizations and has served UR as president of the Westhampton College Alumni Board and co-chair of Arts Around the Lake. 

Please welcome our new Osher Director Peggy Watson, and introduce yourselves as Osher members when you see her.