Written by George Pangburn

Five years ago, my wife Pam and I took our first class at Osher. It was Dr. Art Gunlicks’ class on the Modern Welfare State. We were hooked. Our retirement to the Richmond area was in large part based on having access to lifelong learning in an academic environment, and Osher at UR certainly fit the bill. Since then both of us have been increasingly involved in the program in an effort to give back.

One of the ways that members give back is by serving on the Leadership Council. We have three new members this year who will provide great insights and contributions to the program. They are Linda Ventura, Peter Goodman, and Charlie Huffstetler. I have had the good fortune to take classes with each of them and couldn’t be more thrilled to have them as part of the Council. In addition, Landon Woody, current Council Member, has agreed to serve as Vice-Chair, which means she will step up as Chair in 2016.

The Council has a lot to do this year to implement the Strategic Plan that we developed in 2014. The plan seeks to improve an already strong Osher program through a number of initiatives over the next several years. We will be working closely with Peggy and Debra as well as the broader UR community to make our membership-driven program even better.

Your support is critical. If you haven’t read the plan, by all means do so. (You can see it at this link: spcs.richmond.edu/osher/program.html) And then find an area where you think you’d like to volunteer. It’s a great experience in a great environment. You’ll be hooked, too.