Aidan Winters, '17

August 14, 2015
Junior interns in lab at Stanford School of Medicine

Aidan Winters, ’17, is getting a jump-start on his future plans for a career in biology research through an internship in the Winslow Lab at the Stanford School of Medicine.

Winters, a biology and computer science double major from D.C., is working with a team focused on understanding more about the genetic changes that occur during the process of cancer metastasis and dissemination.

He says this internship is furthering his academic interest in biology research, specifically related to genetics.

“Working here at Stanford is giving me valuable experience in the field of genetics and insight into what going to graduate school would be like,” Winters says.

During his time at UR, Winters has conducted research with assistant professor of biology Angie Hilliker, and says he’s seen the value of experiencing a variety of research techniques within different lab environments.

“The more time I spend doing research, the more I realize that great researchers are not necessarily those that have spent years refining experimental technique but rather are those that can confidently and intelligently tackle the problems that their research throws in front of them,” Winters says.

He received funding for this internship opportunity through the UR Summer Fellowship program.

“I think this the summer fellowship program is fantastic,” Winters says. “This internship was unpaid. UR has even afforded me the opportunity to work at one of the best research institutes in the world. UR makes it so simple to pick up research and actually enjoy doing it.”