Joe Biedenharn, GB'09, is no stranger to the client services industry. With a 12-year career that has taken him through various client service and sales positions across a number of technology firms, he is well prepared to take on his next adventure. In August, Biedenharn began his new role as strategic accounts support manager at GE Lighting, a division of the multinational conglomerate General Electric.

He shared, “I've been with the firm for about a month, and this has been a very exciting time to take the next step in my career. I lead a team of client service representatives focused on sales support for LED light fixtures for retailers, manufacturing firms and hospitality companies, and our goal is to provide world-class service to our customers and distributors. The more I learn about LEDs the more I’m amazed by the efficiency and maintenance savings customers achieve with this product.”

Biedenharn reflected, “From a career perspective, the most fulfilling thing so far is seeing members of my team grow their careers and progress professionally. I’ve had the opportunity to work with a lot of great people in the past month and over the years, and it has proven extremely rewarding to help them meet their career goals.”

Before joining GE, he worked with numerous large corporations that prepared him for his current role. “Most of my customers were in the retail space, so I had the opportunity to work with large grocery and mass merchant chains such as Walmart, Publix and H-E-B. Eventually, I felt the need to take a leap into the next chapter of my career. When I found the job posting on GE’s website, I applied right away. After a phone interview, I was asked to come in for on-site interviews. All in all, the process took approximately six weeks. I am very happy with my decision to join GE, and I look forward to adding value to the firm.”

He added, “As of now, my main focus is getting to know my new colleagues and asking as many questions as possible. The Richmond MBA taught me how to think strategically and ask the right questions to extract the most valuable data in dealing with business issues.”

Six years after graduating, Biedenharn looked back on his time at The Richmond MBA. “I was initially drawn to The Richmond MBA due to the reputation and the flexible class schedule. I decided to enroll once I learned about the student relationship-building activities like the Opening Residency and the International Residency. I found it rare to see a part-time program put such an emphasis on student relationships, and that was a big selling point for me.” 

He revealed, “One of my favorite memories turned out to be Opening Residency. The highly energetic environment as we pulled together our very first case was the absolute perfect way to rapidly get to know my classmates, and because of that experience, I have remained close with many them to this day.”

Biedenharn looked to the future of his work and family. "In the long term I plan to grow my career at GE, and I’m really excited for where my career will lead. At the end of my workday, I always enjoy coming home to my wife and three-year-old son. Ultimately, we hope to raise a happy and healthy little boy."