Service Awards 2016

March 10, 2016
Four UR employees honored for exceptional service to the University of Richmond

The Outstanding Service Awards Ceremony is held every year to celebrate staff members for milestone years of service, and also honor four employees who have shown exemplary dedication and service in their role at the University of Richmond. One award winner is selected from each of the following categories: clerical support, dining services, administrative, and service/maintenance.

Each recipient is nominated by colleagues and selected by a chosen committee. The winners of the 2016 Outstanding Service Awards include: Beth Ann Howard, Paul Just, Pat Macaulay, and David Johnson.

Clerical Support: Beth Ann Howard, Administrative Coordinator, Department of Political Science & acting Administrative Coordinator, Philosophy, Politics, Economics, and Law Program (PPEL)

While Beth Ann is officially the Administrative Coordinator for the Department of Political Science, she also functions as an Administrative Coordinator for the Philosophy, Politics, Economics, and Law Program (PPEL). Faculty colleague, Dr. Stephen Simon states, “Although PPEL – as an interdisciplinary program rather than a department – does not oversee tenure and promotion cases, in virtually every other respect it entails similar functions [to] other departments at the University.” In addition to serving in this role, Beth Ann is known for being a “model of cheerful efficiency”, a valued partner for faculty colleagues, and a welcoming presence to the department. One colleague recalled when he came for his job interview and Beth Ann walked to the International Center to personally escort him to Weinstein Hall after he had gotten lost. “I remember thinking how extraordinary something like that was; that was until I got to work with her and found it to be the norm.”

Dining Services: Paul Just, Lead Café Assistant, Lou’s Café

With recently expanded hours, a brand new Chef Manager and staff, and an overwhelming amount of customers, Lou’s was fighting an uphill battle. Luckily, it’s Lead Café Assistant and the only returning employee, Paul Just, handled all of it with a high level of professionalism, friendliness, and helpfulness. He became the go-to guy at Lou’s and willingly shared his Lou’s knowledge, trained new employees, and always made sure they were on track, oftentimes offering ideas and feedback to his supervisors to make improvements. Colleague, Julian Ritzik, admires Paul for his work ethic. “He makes sure all the students and faculty are being helped as quickly as possible, in the kindest way. He truly is a rockstar at his job.” Maya Vincelli, assistant director of Retail Operations, adds, “We’re a better team when Paul is a part of it.”

Administrative: Pat Macaulay, Business Manager, Robins School of Business

After working at the University of Richmond for 35 years, Pat Macaulay is known for many things on campus – her collaborative nature, deep knowledge of University history, “can do” attitude, and “teeth playing”, just to name a few. Nancy Bagranoff, dean of the Robins School of Business, described Pat as a major culture contributor. She also notes that Pat discovers problems and brings them to her attention with proposed solutions and is always the first to point out a positive achievement of a colleague. In her current position, Pat works closely with other school budget directors and has been particularly helpful as the University deals with changes in University procedures and personnel. As colleague, Susan Taylor, adds, “Pat is one of the University’s biggest fans, serving as a wonderful ambassador-at-large with her kind manner, respectful attitude, and good humor.”

Service/Maintenance: David Johnson, Police Officer, Police Department

Prior to joining the University of Richmond Police Department, Officer Johnson was a master trooper with the Virginia State Police for 30 years. Since he’s been at UR, he’s brought DMV-2GO to campus twice a year, he participates in a civic engagement program with an inner city middle school, and was also responsible for the creation, set-up, and execution of the inaugural Presidential 5k Bike Ride in 2015. Most notably, he was able to come to a peaceful resolution with an armed individual on campus in need of mental health care in December 2015. In addition, he is well known and loved on campus and is always looking for opportunities to do more. Fellow Officer Alfred Johnson adds, “There is not one place on campus that I have been with Dave Johnson where someone doesn’t know him and praise him for the work he has done for the community. When asked why he works so much and takes assignments that others don’t want, he always replies ‘The money is good, I love being around students and staff, and I love my job.’ ”