Dear students, faculty and staff,
I write to share the news that after 34 years of dedicated service, Michelle Rahman, our remarkable Associate Dean for Admissions, will be retiring. During her time in the admissions office, Richmond Law admitted over 18,835 students and Michelle personally contacted nearly every one of them. Michelle has always believed that the most effective way to market the school is to show, not tell, and that is just what she has done through the personal attention she gives to each one of our applicants and admitted students. And that personal attention has continued not only throughout a student’s time at the school but long after graduation - she has served as one of the school's greatest ambassadors to Richmond Law alumni. 
During her time here, Michelle has constantly innovated. In 1988, the office began mailing a VHS admissions video to interested applicants (very cutting-edge at the time!) and in 1995, Richmond Law became one of the first law schools in the country to use the world-wide web to receive inquiries (even more cutting edge!). Last year, the admissions office was able to go completely paperless, with the admissions staff and admissions committee reviewing all the applications through an online system. But not all of the innovations have involved technology. In 1997, building on a suggestion from her son, Josh, Michelle oversaw the creation of the Law Student Admissions Representatives (LSARs) in which current students assist in the recruiting process – a program that continues today.
Michelle will be stepping down as associate dean for admissions on June 30 and will be travelling to Canada to care for her mother who has been hospitalized since February. She has generously agreed to return to us in the fall and to serve through the end of the year as a Special Assistant to the Dean. Given her years of experience and particularly her connections with our alumni, I am very grateful that she has agreed to stay on a little longer. 
Later in the year we will hold an appropriate celebration of her amazing career.
Best wishes,

Wendy Perdue