When it came time to choose a summer internship, George Hall, ’19, approached opportunities with one primary goal: to learn as much as possible. His determination landed Hall at the private equity firm Graham Partners, which stresses innovation and entrepreneurism to deliver value.

“Graham views prospective companies as a mutually beneficial partnership,” says Hall. “This mindset in private equity is a valuable leadership example.”

Hall, a leadership studies major with a minor in business administration, was attracted to the internship opportunity at Graham for its uniqueness.

“They dedicate significant resources toward the program, including a month-long accounting course taught by a Villanova professor and a week-long ‘Training the Street’ financial modeling seminar,” says Hall.

While taking these courses, Hall also gained practice and experience. He worked with analysts at the firm to assist with diligence requests, data organization, and presentation preparation, and he reviewed upcoming trade show lists to identify potential target companies for Graham. His final project culminated in an investment theme presentation for senior management.

“The project based nature of work here is similar to a Jepson class. Projects may involve work with other interns, analysts, and associates and require adaptability and communication,” explains Hall.

They also require dedication and persistence as, Hall explains, the vast majority of deals do not end up closing largely due to pricing discipline or as a result of issues flagged during Graham’s diligence. Instead, Hall stresses the importance of being driven and engaged to learn from all opportunities.

“Everyone who works here is extremely dedicated and smart,” says Hall. “Due diligence, research, and analysis are essential to achieve the success Graham has had, and the people who work here reflect that commitment.”

And, as Hall points out, sometimes risks pay off. During his time at Graham Partners, Hall witnessed the closing of two deals, Myers EPS and Medbio.

“Both deal teams had been working on these opportunities for a long time,” says Hall. “After getting a sense for how much time and effort people here put into each opportunity, it was great to see the culmination of that when Myers EPS and Medbio closed.”

Hall, a Philadelphia-native, is considering management consulting positions as well as business rotational programs after graduation.

“I’m very open-minded about the future after graduation,” says Hall. “I want to continue to surround myself with smart people in driven work environments.”