Do what you love. This simple advice is more often given than followed. But Djordje Hinic, ’13, is doing what he loves in a big way.

In November, the Serbian native launched Perpetuum Projects, a business consulting company that leverages his entrepreneurial spirit, business development expertise, philanthropic bent, and sometimes even his passion for sailing.

Perpetuum Projects works with businesses with global ambitions and a commitment to ethical practice and the common good.

To understand how Hinic approaches projects, consider a September fundraiser he organized with members of his Beograd Skadarlija Rotary Club to benefit the high school he attended, United World College (UWC) Mostar. A sailing enthusiast, he brought together business people and sailing aficionados to participate in a seven-day sailing event.

“We were at the beautiful Syvota Bay Marina in Greece watching the sun set,” Hinic said. “All the participants had brought fine items from their countries—wine, cheese, jewelry—to put in an auction to benefit UWC Mostar.

“We had set a fundraising target at the beginning of the auction that seemed too high; but halfway through, we surpassed the target. It was an incredible moment when everyone experienced the feeling of giving back and supporting a cause.”

The Perpetuum Projects website includes this and other examples of Hinic’s previous projects. Such as a sub-Saharan clean water distribution project he helped develop as a member of a Norwegian think tank. And his innovative use of social media to drive voter turnout and fundraising in U.S. Senator Tim Kaine’s successful 2012 campaign.

In his latest project, Hinic worked with world-renowned yacht designer Dan Lenard to form strategic partnerships in support of a planned January launch of Lenard’s revolutionary sailboat.

“His prototype uses new technology focused on sustainability and zero pollution to the environment,” Hinic explained. “We hope it will have a serious impact on how people develop boats going forward. This is the kind of project I love working on.”

Hinic credits both his UWC high school and the Jepson School of Leadership Studies for fostering his entrepreneurial skills and his sense of social responsibility.

“Jepson’s multi-disciplinary approach gives you a bird’s eye view,” Hinic said. “If you study marketing, you do marketing. If you study medicine, you practice medicine. When you study leadership, you may not have a clear idea of what you can do with your degree at first.

“But this gets you out of your comfort zone and pushes you to figure out what you’re passionate about; then you add an ethical focus to what you’re doing. I found my passion in sales, persuasion, and negotiation. Once I figured this out, I no longer had to ‘work’—I started getting paid for my hobby.”

As an undergraduate, Hinic developed his leadership skills serving as a Jepson Student Government Association (JSGA) senator, a Jepson Corps member, a student representative on a UR Board of Trustees committee, a Richmond College Student Government Association senator, and a resident assistant. He received the Stephen J. Kessler Memorial Scholarship his senior year in recognition of his leadership and community service.

One of his fondest undergraduate memories is of the Ride for Autism, a fundraiser he organized two years in a row. Motorcyclists from across the East Coast undertook a Thanksgiving ride to benefit a Richmond-area school for special education students. This fundraiser was a precursor to Hinic’s future professional work.

“Through Perpetuum Projects, I am helping organizations achieve their global ambitions while ensuring the world is becoming a better place,” Hinic said.

Photo: Djordje Hinic, '13, holds up an auction item at the Syvota Bay Marina in Greece.