Gottwald Spaces Renovated

August 26, 2019
Gottwald A100 and E100 have been renovated just in time for the new school year.

The Gottwald Science Center has two renovated spaces this Fall. Despite how full Gottwald already is, the Biology department needed an additional classroom. At the same time, there were questions about Gottwald E100, known as the Fishbowl. Until now, the Fishbowl has been reserved as a quiet space where students could work. In addition, some Library materials were available in the room. But the room wasn’t seeing much use.

At first, the Classroom Committee considered turning Gottwald E100 into a classroom. But with its raised ceiling, odd dimensions, and two obstructive columns, the Fishbowl was a challenge to convert into a classroom. Looking around the building, the committee realized that the current computer lab, Gottwald A100 could be turned into a good classroom. The computer lab could move to the Fishbowl. And that’s what’s happened over the summer.

Gottwald A100, in progress

As a new classroom, Gottwald A100 will seat 20 students in a table and chair arrangement. The classroom has been outfitted with the latest technology, including two short-throw projectors, a sound system, a camera for recording classroom sessions, and wireless presentation capabilities. Four Biology professors will be teaching in the classroom this Fall: Dr. Kwaku Aduse-Poku, Dr. Amy Treonis, Dr. Laura Runyen-Janecky, and Dr. Linda Boland.

For Gottwald E100, the Classroom Committee held an open house where faculty and students were invited to evaluate three different floor plans, highlighting aspects of each design that they did or did not like. This feedback was taken into consideration for the final design of the computer lab, which will also house two laptop carts for classroom use throughout the building. The lab has been designed to allow for independent and collaborative work spaces, and will house both a color and black and white printer students can use. In addition, Academic Computing Services will have a student assistant staffing the lab throughout the day and into the evening.

Students working in Gottwald E100

Mark Nichols, Director of Academic Computing Services says, “The redesign allowed us to redefine the old concept of a computer lab into a diverse and hospitable learning space. The new space provides students with multiple ways to engage and study, including individual and group spaces. We also incorporated new technology such as wireless presentation tables and mobile charging stations. We are really looking forward to seeing students in the space this Fall.”

A student writes on a mobile whiteboard in Gottwald E100