Business minor interns at Comcast

September 29, 2019
Abigail Lord, '20, worked primarily with software engineers helping develop Comcast bill presentation layers.

Abigail Lord, ’20, spent the summer in Philadelphia interning at NBC Universal, subsidiary of Comcast, as a software engineer intern. She worked primarily with software engineers helping develop Comcast bill presentation layers.

“I helped with testing bills Comcast sent to customers, and making sure they went through correctly,” Lord said.

She got to know other interns and supervisors throughout the office using the skills she has learned through the business school.

“This experience taught me how important it is to put yourself out there and communicate with managers,” Lord said.

In addition to the networking skills she honed in the Robins School, she put her computer science skills to the test throughout the summer.

“The biggest thing I learned was that balance of when to ask for help and when to keep working on something,” Lord said. “That’s something that I can bring to my schoolwork now and my profession after graduation.”

Her schoolwork in the Robins School has been stellar, according to one of her professors, Bill Bergman, who taught her in Principles of Marketing.

“Abby was an active participant in class discussions. She was also especially creative when coming up with marketing solutions,” Bergman said. “She was so instinctively strong in the subject, I just assumed she was a business major. When she told me she was a computer science major, I was shocked. It is good to discover that computer science majors can also be strong marketers.”’

And she brought that commitment to her learning experience to her internship.

“My managers were very hands off, so even if I was working on something I knew they wouldn’t see, I still put in 110% to demonstrate that I was a hard worker,” Lord said.

The experience gave her a taste of what life will be like after graduation, she says, and she hopes to fine tune her professional skills in the Robins School before she leaves.

She leveraged the connections she made at Comcast to score a job with the company. She will join NBC Universal as a media tech associate this fall. It is a rotational program that will send her to New York, Denver, and Los Angeles. She hopes to combine her passions for business and computer science in the new program, which will allow her to explore every aspect of Comcast’s business.

“I feel like everything we learn in school and everything we’ve done has been to have a career and be successful and have something you’re passionate about,” Lord said. “I’m excited to give it my all and enjoy going to work.”

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