Two newly posted faculty positions at the University of Richmond School of Law are aimed at helping students adapt to a changing legal profession. The school plans to hire a Director of Legal Innovation and Entrepreneurship and the Director of Professional Identity Formation starting with the 2020-2021 school year.

Our vision is for these two offerings to be signature programs of the Richmond Law experience,” said Jessica Erickson, Associate Dean of Faculty Development. Through the Professional Identity Formation program, students will develop “the habits of mind and character” that are associated with professional excellence in the legal field. Meanwhile, students will learn a broad toolbox of skills – from project management to data analytics – in the Legal Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program. The programs will include a mandatory course in the first year, as well as upper-level electives and co-curricular offerings.  “These two programs will work in tandem to make our students as well-rounded as possible and truly prepare them for the modern legal profession,” said Erickson. “Traditional legal doctrine and skills will always be the cornerstone of legal education, but lawyers today need a broader toolkit to serve their clients effectively.”

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