Meet the Conductor: Kobie Turner

November 14, 2019
Defensive End for Spiders football and baritone for the Department of Music's Schola Cantorum.

From research projects to crowd-stopping performances on stage, students within the School of Arts & Sciences are no strangers to juggling many aspects of their lives. One such example is Kobie Tuner – Defensive End for Spiders football and sings baritone for the Department of Music’s Schola Cantorum.

Kobie grew up in Clifton, Va., and his talents on the field and in front of a crowd were noted early on. Although nearly opposite aspects of his life, Turner and his university mentors point out that the two passions complement each other perfectly. “Both music and athletics require a huge, daily commitment, and a work ethic that is challenged and developed each and every day,” Dr. Jennifer Cable, Kobie's voice teacher, notes.

With goals to land in the NFL or be a high school choir director, we look forward to seeing more of his talents on and off the field. To learn more about Kobie, check out this feature by CCA Football.