The Faculty Research Committee (FRC) provides “recommendations for financial support for the research and creative activities of full-time, tenure stream faculty.” The committee supports faculty through annual grants for research and travel, which allows for the pursuit of innovation and creative expression. 

As part of the Concept 30 Strategic Plan, FRC was asked to consider the goals outlined in A&S. According to Dan Palazzolo, Associate Dean of the School of Arts & Sciences and FRC ex officio member: “The FRC increased the amount of reimbursable funds for international travel; encouraged faculty to highlight projects that involved collaboration among faculty; recommended proposals from Associate Professors; and documented projects that focused on issues of equity, justice, and thriving and inclusive communities.” 

“Research and creative expression are key at UR, and A&S is at the heart of that collective value. While we recognize that not every project will or should be collaborative, working together does sometimes lead to better outcomes. In addition, we want to encourage and support those Associate Professors who are thinking about their next promotion,” says A&S Dean Patrice Rankine. 

FRC makes recommendations to the Dean of the School of Arts & Sciences regarding the funding of faculty research and international travel. By documenting past projects, the committee keeps track of how these funds have fostered a community of leaners who thrive by questioning, knowing, and acting, which is the mission of A&S. 

In 2018-19, the FRC approved 61 summer fellowships, 12 research grants, and 37 travel grants. Nearly half of all grants went to Associate Professors, and 12% of projects were focused on issues of equity, justice, and thriving and inclusive communities. Such projects included Dr. Lundberg’s project on Implicit Bias in the Context of Systematic Racism, and From Exclusionary to Insecurity, a research project by Dr. Erkulwater on the analysis of the civil rights movement through the lens of disability rights. By paying some attention to faculty at the Associate rank, FRC can also serve to support career advancement. 

By supporting projects that focus on community, curriculum, creativity, and conscience, the FRC embodies the goals of Concept 30. 

For more information on the committee and updates on the next round of funding, contact FRC Chair Jeff Hass.