Student's tent rental business helping NYC hospitals amid COVID-19 crisis

March 26, 2020
James Orioli, '21, knew his business could lend a helping hand to the community.

James Orioli, ’21, has run At Your Service Party Rentals LLC since he was 15 from his home in New York City. When he could not return to University of Richmond after spring break, and saw how widespread the COVID-19 crisis became, he knew his business could lend a helping hand to the community. 

“As soon as the outbreak of COVID-19 became prevalent in New York, I immediately realized that there would be a need for additional space for hospitals to keep up with the demand,” Orioli said.

He instructed his staff to put normal business on hold and reach out to all of the hospitals throughout Long Island and New York City.

“We were accepted with open arms and immediately sprang into action,” Orioli said. 

His team has developed tents for multiple hospitals throughout the area, providing space to expand triage units to accommodate incoming patients.

“We have been working daily on developing new solutions to the evolving needs of the overwhelmed hospitals in the area,” Orioli said. “Most recently we are working on designing a temporary triage expansion center for a hospital which could house as many as 100-185 patients at a time.”

He and his staff have been working tirelessly with hospitals making sure they can meet their individual needs as this virus spreads and accelerates. 

“I have always believed in being accessible 24/7 to all of my clients, and the same goes to the hospitals with which we are working,” Orioli said. “Our work is never complete, as the situation worsens and the demand for medical space in NY increases. It is moments like these that our work becomes so much more meaningful.”

“This is a great example of our students having a real impact,” said Dean Mickey Quiñones of Orioli’s efforts. 

Orioli says he and his staff will continue to help hospitals in the area as long as they can throughout this crisis, adhering strictly to the guidelines each hospital has outlined, as well as maintaining the health and safety of his employees.

“I go into work every day now and motivate my staff to be prepared, as I know that we are making a difference,” Orioli said. “We are here to flatten the curve and help our city and our country beat this virus.”

His staff members are also working on food drives for the New York City area in the coming days. 

You can find out more about At Your Service Party Rentals on their website. Stay up to date with the latest data on the COVID-19 outbreak on the CDC website.