Recognition Round-Up

April 13, 2020
A weekly report of those going above and beyond

Each week during the University's modified operating status, HR will collect stories about the amazing work that faculty and staff have done to transition to remote classes and work, to maintain the campus during a pandemic, and to contribute to our greater community. Submit your stories to

8 Boatwright Employees Provide Materials to Off-Campus Community

A huge thanks to Access Services Staff in Boatwright Library!

Many thanks to the Access Services staff in Boatwright Library. This dedicated group of 8 people have been rotating days to come in and retrieve materials for faculty, staff and students. They also scan materials for faculty to use in their courses and provide interlibrary loan for journal articles. They have been flexible, positive and dedicated throughout this COVID-19 crisis. A shout-out to Travis Smith, Cassandra Taylor-Anderson, Lese Fandel, Sam Schuth, Susan Opdycke, Alissa Potter, Tyler Wiseman, and LaToya Gray.

- Lucretia McCulley, Head of Scholarly Communications, Boatwright Memorial Library

Dining Services Leadership Implements Social Distancing & Cleaning at Work

Kudos to the Dining Services leadership team. They have quickly and efficiently adapted to the Covid-19 crisis. They have ensured we maintain social distancing and frequent cleaning practices. As an employee, I appreciate that they have taken preventive measures for coronavirus seriously. It has made me feel safe when coming to work. I also have been very impressed with their open communication with the team, and utilization of down town to prepare for fall semester. Thank you for your tireless efforts to lead one of the largest groups on campus. I recognize your hard work, and truly appreciate all you do to make working for the University of Richmond great.

- Sharitka Giles, Cook II, Heilman Dining Center

Alumni & Career Services Creates Virtual Events and Programs

I’d like to recognize Alumni & Career Services. Without skipping a beat, the entire team pivoted to remote options that would allow us to continue engaging and building meaningful connections with students, employers, and alumni. Our Career Services team continues to support our students and help them navigate these uncharted waters through virtual advising, programming, recruiting, and more, and our Alumni Relations team has been creating fun virtual engagement opportunities for alumni (hosted by alumni and friends of the University), such as workouts, a movie club, meditation, pizza making, concerts, and more! Great job, team!

- Alaina Schneider, Communications Manager, Office of Alumni and Career Services

Environmental Health & Safety Staff Produce Own Hand Sanitizer

I would like to extend a shout out to our EH&S Staff (Mike Miller and Mike Bowles) for making our first batch of hand sanitizer and also exploring its use in a spray format for cleaning surfaces. “If we can use it in our work area at URPD to include our vehicles which operate 24/7 then it will allow our current allocation to be used elsewhere across campus as needed.” The materials used are stock items on campus.

- David M. McCoy, Associate VP of Public Safety and Chief of Police

What changes need to be made to grading, policies and registration? LOTS!

Under the leadership of the University Registrar, Susan Breeden, staff in the Registrar’s Office have made systematic adjustments to accommodate new grading structures during remote instruction as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. And these adjustments can’t be made without putting it in writing so temporary policies have been written, approved, implemented, and published at lightning speed. Throughout all of this, staff have remained helpful and supportive to students with changes in registration for the coming semesters. Heartfelt thanks to the entire Registrar staff: Kristen Ball, Val Caminiti, Dwayne Smith, Jean Creamer, Jen D’Arezzo, Jessica McKenna, Brianne Meagher, Debbie Coward, and Renee Peterson!

- From the Office of Planning & Policy

How are we keeping our students connected? We have Zoom for classes, but what if a student’s laptop dies or if they don’t have internet at home?

Doug West, AVP for Telecommunications, Multimedia Support & User Services, along with his team in TMSS, staff from the Help Desk, and a great assist from Martha Pittaway, Assistant to the VPs for Enrollment Management and Planning & Policy, sprang into action and created an online form for students needing assistance with loaner laptops (dozens have already be shipped directly to students), making specialty software available (and free of charge), and offering hotspot solutions to students who either don’t have internet at home or who have insufficient bandwidth to accommodate remote learning. And that is on top of their regular duties and the many incoming requests for assistance relating to remote instruction from faculty. There are so many IS and staff to mention that we suggest you click here and send your own personal note of thanks to those who have helped you or your department in recent weeks. If you’re reading this, there is someone in IS who made it possible.

- Lori Schuyler, VP for Planning & Policy and Stephanie Dupaul, VP for Enrollment Management

How do you keep admission and financial aid moving when we are working remotely?

In hindsight, changes in process and tools that have been underway for two years have made possible the seamless continuation of the basic business of admission and financial aid: communicating with students, processing applications, making admission decisions, packaging financial aid, and releasing online admission decisions and financial aid awards via Slate portals. The implementation of Slate, the system utilized for nearly every aspect of recruitment (except our sidelined Road Warriors), has automated and streamlined much of the work of admission. We cannot imagine how the office could have accomplished so much (and done it so well) before the implementation of Slate and thank the entire Admission team, particularly those who focus on communications, application review, and Slate, including Tom “Slate is Great” Nicholas, Lindsey Monacell, Nadine Saint, Elodie Hardt, Kristin Jenkins, Kathryn Shourds, Rebecca Buffington, Beth Anne Spacht, Austen Kelso, Leah Wiseman, Hillary Kuhn (Queen of Graphics and Video Compilation), Terri Moore, and Zoe Rahsman.

In Financial Aid, the past 18 months have all be about thinking about processes and streamlining! Led by Chip Bryan, the entire team has been involved in automating processes and shifting to electronic aid notifications – with special thanks to Kathryn Owens, Sue Young, Belinda Hill, and Mike Pagano – which has allowed financial aid processing to continue without any delays!
- From the Office of Enrollment Management 

Latin American, Latino, and Iberian Studies Department Sews Masks for Healthcare Workers

Michele Mauney, MBA, CAP, Department Coordinator, and local group RVA Masks 4 Health are sewing masks for healthcare workers. Michele has personally sewn over 100 masks, but claims that’s a “drop in the bucket”. Learn more here.

- From the School of Arts & Sciences 

Military Science and Leadership Hold ROTC Classes Virtually

Even the ROTC PT classes can be held virtually. The Spider Battalion ROTC "C" Company from Longwood & Hampden-Sydney colleges proved that over Zoom by showing their Military Science Instructors that they could stay home and stay in good shape. "C" Company challenged "A" Company (University of Richmond and Randolph-Macon) and "B" Company (VCU and Virginia Union) to show us their PT (Physical Training) classes. Department Chair Cecil D. Stinnie is awaiting screen shots from the Richmond area.

- From the School of Arts & Sciences 

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