Celebrating Distinguished Faculty

August 27, 2020
Erickson named Distinguished Scholar and Reeves named Distinguished Educator

Richmond Law is proud to announce the recipients of this year’s Distinguished Educator Award and the inaugural Distinguished Scholar Award for the School of Law.

Professor Emmeline “Emmy” Reeves is the 2020 School of Law Distinguished Educator. Reeves joined the faculty in 2000 to serve as the Director of the Academic Skills Program. In that capacity, she teaches and oversees a program designed to help students realize their full academic potential. She also provides intensive supplemental bar exam instruction for students, including individualized counseling sessions and a course for all third-year law students to jumpstart their bar prep experience.

Professor Jessica Erickson is the 2020 School of Law Distinguished Scholar. Erickson teaches and writes in the areas of corporate and securities litigation. She has been on the Richmond Law faculty since 2007, and currently serves as Professor of Law and Associate Dean for Faculty Development. Her scholarship has appeared in the Journal of Empirical Legal Studies, Vanderbilt Law Review, Notre Dame Law ReviewBoston University Law Review, and Iowa Law Review, among other venues.

“I’m delighted to have the opportunity to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of these two exceptional members of our faculty,” said Dean Wendy Perdue. “Professor Reeves is a role model when it comes to pedagogical best practices, employing extensive formative assessment, intentional course design, and inclusive approaches,” she added, and “is widely regarded as one of the hardest working faculty members in the law school, and yet she never seeks the limelight.”

“Dean Erickson’s work is scholarly and insightful but also accessible, beautifully written and persuasive,” said Perdue. “In every piece she writes, you see a genuine curiosity about the world – something she’s noticed, something she wants to understand better, some piece of received wisdom she wants to question.”

Congratulations to the honorees!

Pictured above are Prof. Jessica Erickson (left) and Prof. Emmy Reeves (right).