New Study Abroad Program at University of Richmond Aims to Increase Accessibility to International Travel

March 5, 2019

Spring Break will launch a new pilot program at the University of Richmond that aims to overcome the obstacles preventing students from participating in study abroad opportunities.

Encompass is an experimental program spearheaded by the Office of International Education. The program offers full financial support to participate in faculty-led, short-term travel opportunities for students who are typically absent from study abroad opportunities.

“UR is nationally recognized for graduating 67 percent of our students with international experience, but this program focuses on the other 33 percent,” said Martha Merritt, dean of international education. “We have started to craft programming for students who are either reluctant to take on international travel, for financial or personal reasons, or whose requirements make study abroad difficult.”

The program’s first trip, which will depart over Spring Break (March 8-18), aims to expose students to the politics animating one of Latin America’s most successful democracies.

Political Science Professor Jenny Pribble will take students to Santiago, Chile to meet with leading politicians, activists, and Chilean students to discuss political and economic challenges. 

“My goal for the class is that students learn to think analytically about the central themes and questions of contemporary Latin American politics,” said Pribble. “My broader hope is that the time in Chile will encourage the students to improve their language skills, to go overseas again, and to make the study of countries outside the United States an integral part of their Richmond education and their lives going forward.”