UNIVERSITY OF RICHMOND —  As you continue your coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic, consider these University of Richmond faculty and staff experts.

Heather Russell on Remote Teaching
Heather Russell, an assistant professor of mathematics, can provide tips for professors who have transitioned to remote teaching, especially in these final weeks of the semester. "Have compassion and kindness for yourself and your students. Remember to handle students' special arrangements with grace and patience," Russell said.

Theran Fisher on Remote Work Tips
For those still struggling, Theran Fisher, director of talent and organizational effectiveness in UR’s Department of Human Resources, can provide insight on how to successfully navigate working from home. Have conversations with your team about what work is most important and to establish realistic deadlines,” Fisher suggests.

Kevin Cruz on Remote Work Etiquette

Management professor Kevin Cruz, an expert on co-worker relationships, says workplace etiquette remains as important as ever in a mostly remote environment. He says that processes are an important component of team dynamics, and establishing those processes early is important. Successful teams need a common purpose, appropriate goals, confidence they can achieve those goals, and appropriate levels of conflict, just to name a few.

Additional experts are highlighted on this expert guide related to COVID-19.



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