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Remote Work Tips

Theran Fisher headshotTheran Fisher, director of talent and organizational effectiveness, has spent his career helping others grow their professional skillsets and capabilities. Fisher can provide insight on how to successfully navigate working from home. 

He offers the following: 

"Set realistic expectations for yourself and others.

When working virtually, it often takes more time to complete tasks. Between communication challenges, distractions, and shifting priorities it is unrealistic to expect the same levels of productivity from ourselves and each other. Moreover, developing new skills and adapting behaviors requires time, effort, and a willingness to make mistakes.

 Have conversations with your team about what work is most important and to establish realistic deadlines. Clearly communicate your needs and expectations with your manager and coworkers and be willing to give others – and yourself – a little grace," Fisher said.

Fisher also shares insight for managers who may be navigating the performance review process remotely for the first time:

"When working virtually, managers cannot frequently observe employee’s behavior and its impact, nor can they provide more casual, in-the-moment feedback. Similarly, virtual employees are less likely to ask for feedback as frequently and cannot always observe non-verbal feedback from colleagues. When working virtually, intentional on-going feedback conversations are crucial."

"During a pandemic, the goals of our organizations have changed, so it is unrealistic to hold employees accountable for performance goals that have not. The idea of work-life balance is long gone and the reality of work-life integration is here to stay. Failing to incorporate these facts into how we assess the success of our employees will only lead to decreased motivation and engagement."

Contact Sunni Brown, director of media and public relations, at to connect with Fisher.


Contact Director of Media and Public Relations Sunni Brown at to connect with Fisher.