University of Richmond Experts on Black History, Culture, & Navigating Race

University of Richmond Experts on Black History, Culture & Navigating Race

University of Richmond has scholars who can provide expertise on Black history and culture, and on navigating race.
Keith McIntosh

Navigating Discussions of Race

Vice President for Information Services and CIO Keith McIntosh can explore leading discussions around difficult topics regarding race and racism.

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Lauren Henley

Race & Violent Crime

Historian and leadership studies professor Lauren Henley can discuss African American history, the ethics of crime, and the history of serial killers.

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 Mickey QuiƱones

Inclusive Businesses

Robins School of Business Dean Mickey Quiñones can speak to the benefits of diversity in business.

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Julian Hayter

Modern African American History

Leadership studies professor Julian Hayter is a historian and a go-to expert on modern U.S. history, African-American history, and the American civil rights movement.

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Lauranett Lee

African American & Women's History

Visiting Lecturer Lauranett Lee is a leading public historian in Virginia who works to ensure diverse historical interpretations are inclusive and respectful.

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Andrea Simpson

Racial Identity & Politics

Political science professor Andrea Simpson has dedicated her academic career to researching the Environmental Justice Movement and effective protest strategy.

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Camilla Nonterah

Health Disparities

Camilla Nonterah is a counseling psychologist whose clinical interests focus on behavioral medicine.

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Taylor McNeilly

UR's Wyatt Tee Walker Collection

Boatwright Library's Reference and Processing Archivist Taylor McNeilly is leading the effort to process the personal collection of civil rights leader Rev. Dr. Wyatt Tee Walker.

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Charlynn Small

Mental Health & Racism

Charlynn Small is a clinical psychologist who has studied how the stressors of racism cause eating disorders.

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Bert Ashe


English professor Bert Ashe researches late 20th-century and early 21st-century literature and culture.

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Chuck Mike


Theatre professor Chuck Mike areas of expertise include theatre for social change, cultural diversity, and Black theatre.

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Matthew Oware


Matthew Oware is a sociology professor whose research examines the intersections of race, class, and gender in popular culture.

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Nicole Maurantonio

Race & Memorialization

Rhetoric and communication studies professor Nicole Maurantonio's research explores narrative and material traces of memory.

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Rob Nelson

Mapping Inequality

Digital Scholarship Lab Director Rob Nelson has overseen the creation of many digital maps that explores residual effects of racist policies.

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Eric Yellin

Race & Government

History professor Eric Yellin has examined racial discrimination in federal offices over the course of U.S. history.

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