University of Richmond Experts: A Year of COVID-19

The COVID-19 Pandemic: University of Richmond Experts Reflect

University of Richmond has experts reflecting on the impact of COVID-19 after more than a year spent battling the pandemic. More UR experts on COVID-19 topics can also be viewed on this earlier COVID-19 expert guide created in the Spring of 2020.
Jon Dattelbaum


Chemistry professor Jon Dattelbaum can discuss the vaccination process and the differences between various vaccines. 

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Joanna Wares

Herd Immunity

Joanna Wares, associate professor of mathematics, can explain herd immunity and when it is effective against disease. 

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Eugene Wu


Eugene Wu, a biology and biochemistry professor, studies viruses and can break down the basic viral makeup of COVID-19.

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Jory Brinkerhoff

Infectious Disease

Jory Brinkerhoff, a biology professor, can discuss the spread of disease.

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Lester Caudill

Infection Spread

Lester Caudill, professor of mathematics, can provide insight on how math is used to predict disease. 

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Kathryn Jacobsen


Health studies professor Kathryn Jacobsen is an expert in epidemiology, global health, and public health.

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Tracy Roof

Economic Assistance

Political science professor Tracy Roof can discuss how COVID-19 stimulus packages and government assistance through programs like SNAP impact citizens and the economy. 

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Ernest McGowen

Racial Disparities

Ernest McGowen, a political science professor, is studying the disparities in levels of anxiety and depression among various demographics. 

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Jenny Pribble

International COVID-19 Response

Jenny Pribble, a Latin American politics expert, can speak to how Latin American countries have responded to COVID-19. 

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Don Forsyth

Social Impact

Don Forsyth, a social psychologist, can discuss the impact of a year in social isolation. 

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Gil Villanueva

College Admissions

Associate Vice President and Dean of Admissions Gil Villanueva can discuss how the pandemic led to new and innovative college recruitment processes. 

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Elizabeth Outka

COVID-19's Cultural Legacy

English professor Elizabeth Outka has studied how pandemics of the past impact culture. She shares her thoughts on COVID-19's cultural significance. 

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