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Social Isolation

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Don Forsyth, a leadership studies professor and social and personality psychologist, is an expert on groups. He can discuss the psychological impacts of minimizing social contact during quarantine measures. 

"Unlike emotional loneliness, social loneliness occurs when people feel cut off from their network of friends, acquaintances, and associates. If social loneliness mounts, people may look to their closest intimates for solace, but this burden may put too much pressure on these alliances—even a single enduring and intimate relationship can rarely satisfy all one’s need for social contact. But social loneliness can be countered by reaching out to other people through any (safe) means possible: even writing a letter or email to an old friend will undo some of the negative effects of prolonged isolation," said Forsyth.

Contact Media Relations Specialist Lindsey Campbell at to connect with Forsyth.  


Contact Media Relations Specialist Lindsey Campbell at to connect with Forsyth.