Election Conversations with K-12 Students

Karen Kochel

Karen Kochel is a psychology professor with expertise in childhood development. Part of her research focuses on elementary school classrooms and children's psychological development, and she teaches courses on childhood development through a social justice lens. 

Kochel collaborated on a project funded by the Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities to produce a "Day After Election" guide to be used as a resource for K-12 educators and administrators. 

Kochel can discuss how teachers can and should talk about the upcoming election in their classrooms — whether that's in person or virtual this year — and, in particular, talk about strategies for approaching the day after the election. 

"It's important to think about the ways we can empower educators to establish classroom environments and communities that are inclusive and supportive and lay the groundwork for civil conversations related to the election," said Kochel. "It's critical that teachers engage students in this process that ensures all students feel welcome."

Kochel notes these strategies are critical to classroom management. 

Contact Sunni Brown (sbrown5@richmond.edu), director of media and public relations, to connect with Kochel.