Costume Design

Johann Stegmeir

Johann Stegmeir, associate professor of theatre, is an expert in costume and makeup design, as well as costume construction. Stegmier can speak to what makes a good costume. He has designed costumes for opera, theater, dance, feature films, and television. He recently collaborated with acclaimed director, Bruce Beresford on costumes for the feature film, 'Peace, Love and Misunderstanding' starring Jane Fonda.

"There are many aspects to think about when creating a DIY costume for Halloween. First conceptualize your idea. Do you want to be a famous character from a book or film or do you want to be a personification of an idea- like a 'Freudian Slip.'"

"Secondly, set a budget and stick to it! Costumes can become unexpectedly expensive. Start your work early. It is easier to find a base for your costume than to build everything from scratch. Visit second-hand stores to find a base to build your costume. if you are making a Queen of Hearts costume, find a red dress and then a deck of cards."

"The best Halloween costumes are inventive and makeshift rather than expensive."

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