University of Richmond Experts for Halloween

University of Richmond Experts for Halloween

The University of Richmond has experts who can provide insight to a variety of topics for your stories this Halloween.
Tom Arnold

Halloween Retail

Tom Arnold, professor of finance, can speak to Halloween retail trends.

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Elizabeth Baughan

Burial Rituals

Elizabeth Baughan, associate professor of classics and archaeology, studies ancient Mediterranean burial rituals.

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Hayes Holderness

Candy Tax

Law professor Hayes Holderness, a tax law expert, can discuss why certain types of candy is taxed while others are not.

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Jennifer O'Donnell


Jennifer O'Donnell, biology instructor and animal care expert, cares for and studies a variety of tarantulas, including Tarrant, the Spider men's basketball team's live mascot.

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Elizabeth Outka


English professor Elizabeth Outka investigates the connection between historic plagues and today's zombie craze.

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Johann Stegmeir

Costume Design

Johann Stegmier, associate professor of theatre, is an expert on costume and makeup design.

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Doug Winiarski


Doug Winiarski, professor of religious studies and American studies, explores witch-hunting in the early modern world with his students.

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Cindy Conn


Cindy Conn, instructor of business communications, can discuss 'ghosting' in the professional realm.

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