University of Richmond Experts Available to Discuss Health and Healthcare Trends

Health & Healthcare Experts

Jory Brinkerhoff

Infectious Disease 

Jory Brinkerhoff, a biology professor, can discuss the spread of disease.

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Jessica Flanigan

Healthcare Ethics

Jessica Flanigan, associate professor of leadership studies and philosophy, politics, economics, law, studies the ethics of healthcare decisions.

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Kathryn Jacobsen


Health studies professor Kathryn Jacobsen is an expert in epidemiology, global health, and public health.

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Laura Knouse

Emotional Resiliency 

Laura Knouse, a psychology professor and clinical psychologist, shares how focusing on daily tasks can help us through uncertain times.

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Kelly Lambert

Healthy Brains

Kelly Lambert, professor of behavioral neuroscience, can discuss how to keep our brains healthy during uncertain times.

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Rick Mayes

Healthcare Policy

Rick Mayes is a professor of public policy and political science. He can speak to healthcare policies, health insurance, mental health policy, and more.

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Camilla Nonterah

Mental Health

Camilla Nonterah is a counseling psychologist whose clinical interests focus on behavioral medicine.

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Julie Pollock

Health Research

Julie Pollock, assistant professor of chemistry, researches breast cancer and lung cancer.

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Charlynn Small

Mental Health & Racism

Charlynn Small is a clinical psychologist who has studied how the stressors of racism cause eating disorders.

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Eugene Wu


Eugene Wu, a biology and biochemistry professor, can provide insight on viruses and anti-viral medicines.

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